Terms of Service


Article 1. General provisions

  1. Acceptance of all terms and conditions of this service/site is essential to use it.
  2. By creating an account, the User states that he/she has read and fully accepts the terms and conditions of the service/site.
  3. Any corporate entity, any natural legal adult possessing full legal capacity who uses the service or a minor or a person who does not posses full legal capacity but obtained the legal representative's permission to use the service may become the User of the service/site.


Article 2. Registration and the User’s account

  1. One User may posses only one account in the service.
  2. Registration, ratings adding and creating rankings in the service is free.
  3. Users’ accounts are service owner’s property. It is forbidden to transfer/pass the account to other subjects both for a payment or for free.
  4. Only the Users are entitled to submit the ratings in the service.
  5. Both the Users and the service Administrators are entitled to create or edit the rankings.


Article 3. Ratings submitting, creating rankings and the service contents

  1. The User who submits the rating certifies that the given information is true according to his/her knowledge and opinion. The User does not post (on purpose) the information which may mislead other Users of the services.
  2. The Owner of the service is not responsible for the authenticity, topicality, reliability and usefulness of the ratings and rankings posted in the service by the Users.
  3. The User is obligated not to submit any advertising content rather than the rating itself.
  4. The User has the right to create rankings which may be useful for him/her or for other Users. They should not however contain any inappropriate contents.
  5. Rankings which contain inappropriate contents will be removed or edited by the Administrators immediately, and the Users creating such rankings may be blocked or removed from the service.
  6. The Owner of the service reserves the right to add, change and delete information available on the site.


Article 4. Responsibility

  1. Posting the contents which break the law is strictly forbidden. The Owner of the service is not responsible for the contents added by the Users. If a prohibited content is found, the User's account will be deleted, and the account information and User information will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. The Owner of the service reserves the right to remove controversial content that violates the good taste, contains sexual content, bear the signs of unfair competition or spam.


Article 5. Services provides by the site

  1. The Administrator of the site tries to provide the services on the highest level. The Owner is not responsible for their inappropriate functioning. The User exploits the service on his/her own responsibility. Service interruptions or other errors cannot be grounds for any claims against the Administrator of the site.
  2. The Administrator of the service has the right to suspend the provision of the service temporarily. The User is not entitled to any claims.
  3. The Administrator of the service is not responsible for any consequences of third-party use of the User’s passwords regardless of how they were obtained.
  4. The Administrator of the service may request the User to abandon the actions which are not reserved in the terms and conditions, but deemed by the Administrator to be undesirable. In such case, the request of the Administrator is immediately enforceable and the refusal to enforce is considered as break of Terms and Conditions.


Article 6. E-mail address

  1. By providing an e-mail address while registering the User on the site, is also a consent to receive correspondence, including commercial correspondence from the service Owner.


Article 7. Final provisions

  1. Violation of these rules will result in the blocking or deletion of the User’s account. Decisions to remove the User’s account are made by the Administrator of the service or the person authorized by the Administrator. The User is not entitled to appeal against the removal decision. The current regulations are available at www.what.best. Requests, remarks and complaints regarding the functioning of the service can be submitted via the contact form on the website.


Publication date of the Regulations: 08.07.2017